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FESTO Visit for Industrial Mechanics Trainer

 With the cooperation of Fa. FESTO AG & CO, Mr. Fadi Tebchrani, a trainer in our Industrial Mechanics workshop, attended a seminar in PLC (Programmable Logic Control) from Feb 26th till April 1st in Germany. PLC is the latest Technology which is used in industrial applications. Fadi's trip will help Schneller vocational students a lot in giving them an idea about this future technology. Souhail Jammal had supported this issue and helped us a lot in this field. Mr.Tebchrani also visited the scientific Exhibition and collected new ideas for our school. FESTO is going to send some visual aids and other materials to be used in the Schneller vocational department . We highly appreciate the wonderful support we receive through our partnership with FESTO. A very special thanks to Mr. Souhail Jammal and FESTO for their wonderful support of our school.
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